Leaving “old Real-estate” In the Dust!

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Denver Virtual Staging

Changing the Game with SEO

Here at Denver Virtual Staging, we are so excited to be supporting local Colorado Realtor’s!
Since our partnering with Houzz.com, and our Realtor SEO packages that include Facebook , Linked In, Word Press , Twitter, and more,We have been able to effectively boost our clients MLS listings to over 250,000 potential homebuyers in the Denver area.
This last month we had the privilege of connecting with over 30 realtors in the Denver area! We boosted multi-million dollar homes in the mountains, Stadium view properties, and urban homes in more affordable ranges. WE DO IT ALL.
Do you have workshops?
Did you know we offer commission for anyone who parters with us? Yes! Whether you refer friends or help schedule a presentation to your real estate group. We reward our partners! Earn free stagings or cash! Email designed2move@gmail.com for more info.
Are You Properly Networking and Marketing your Business?
Whether you’re new to the business, or simply trying to grow your client base… We have some incredible new ways to separate you from the “old-school” agents our their. DO something new, be different, gain exposure, and sell more properties! Our services help you do all of this.
What are your needs? Here’s our menu of options
Fundamentals of home design and curb appeal: 
“Sell at First Sight” : A book by Denver Virtual Staging included with every Virtual Staging service. Also available on Amazon.
Beating your competitors with exposure: We have the best tools to stick out from all the other agencies and agents. We provide SEO for all MLS listings that purchase any of our virtual staging services. This includes exposure to over 250,000 people in the Colorado area looking for homes. We utilize our HOUZZE paid premium account. We create individual profiles for each of our agents listings. You will bury your competition with this service.
BOOST without service: Don’t need any virtual staging? No worries! We offer Ala-carte SEO services per listing. We utilize Nuclear Networking SEO (a Denver based SEO company) to boost individual listings. We offer top quality optimization an client exposure at a very affordable price! This is the best way to sell you listing in a competition heavy market. Stick out among the rest, make sure your listing is among the fist seen by potential home buyers.
Virtual Staging Services:
Denver Virtual Staging creates Virtually Staged photo’s
that offer potential Colorado buyers the opportunity to visualize the potential of a home,
room, theater, man cave, outdoor patio areas, entertainment areas, or just a cozy atmosphere. This blows contemporary staging out of the water. New-age agents are moving with technology and going digital. Keep up with Virtual Staging.
Partnering with Houzz.com has now DOUBLED the views of home buyers. Hard to believe Just one month ago, we had an additional 7500 views from HOUZZE alone! Now it is over 15,000 views a day from new potential home buyers.
Here’s a Shout Out to Our Most Recent Virtually Staged Homes and SEO Agents!

And many more! Make the list. Sell you listing first! Join the Team!

Visit us at denvervirtualstaging.com for more info!

About athomevirtuallystaged

Ceo Of Designed to Move (in or out) and athomevirtuallystaged.com ! We help people and companies sell and rent out vacant listings without waiting on the market to sway! We use virtual staging to make this happen! “Virtual Staging” is digitally turning a vacant house into a warm, comfortable home. We give potential home-buyers a glimpse of what their home would look like, once they’re comfortably settled in. Why does this work? When a customer looks at a home, being able to see what a house has to offer is important, but actually envisioning themselves IN the home is a crucial point in the decision making process. We make that step effortless, making your potential customers more comfortable with the actual purchase of the home. Virtually staged homes are proven to sell 18% more than those that are not. Additionally, on average, virtually staged homes sell up to 2 times as fast! What are you waiting for!?
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