Sell your Listing Quick 2014





“2014 has rewarded us with being one of the fastest home-selling-markets in history! “


This is a result of the recession recovery, and banks recovering loans leading to more being accepted by major ants and local credit unions!

Don’t miss your opportunity to sell!

The main issue we see is that 98% of people are not inherantly designers. They wish to sell their listing but don’t know where to start.
Visualizing what a listing could look like, and not having enough time to re-model if necessary is one of the biggest drawbacks to selling quick.  Finding ways to show potential buyers a vision of the home without losing your initial investment in the home has been difficult until now!  Don’t under sell you home or invest your profits into re-designing the interior to make it more appealing before selling.
This is where we come in by the way …
At Design to Move, we heavily suggest that our sellers read the workbook “Sell at First Sight” (found on Amazon) and put its recommendations onto practice! Its one of the quickest proven ways to sell your home.  They recommend virtual staging as a very quick and cost-effective way to sell your listing quick! It also allows potential buyers to see multiple versions of the listing decorated without the seller physically staging or investing a lot of time and capitol into the property.
The book does to stop there… We also consolidate social media exposure with every client we assist! We team up with your real-estate agent and blast your finished virtually staged listing all over common social media platforms for maximum exposure!
We also cater to the serious buyers of your listing by providing physical design boards with high quality pictures of your virtual staged listing, per-room! This allows potential buyers walking through you lasting to see the listing decorated, painted and furnished to their liking! This of course is included at no extra charge!
This is a recipe to pull potential clients to the buyers table!
If you haven’t already, we encourage you to read “Sell at First Sight”, and take a look at our services that can help you move you listings quicker then our current market; 18% faster to be exact!
We look forward to working with you soon!



About athomevirtuallystaged

Ceo Of Designed to Move (in or out) and ! We help people and companies sell and rent out vacant listings without waiting on the market to sway! We use virtual staging to make this happen! “Virtual Staging” is digitally turning a vacant house into a warm, comfortable home. We give potential home-buyers a glimpse of what their home would look like, once they’re comfortably settled in. Why does this work? When a customer looks at a home, being able to see what a house has to offer is important, but actually envisioning themselves IN the home is a crucial point in the decision making process. We make that step effortless, making your potential customers more comfortable with the actual purchase of the home. Virtually staged homes are proven to sell 18% more than those that are not. Additionally, on average, virtually staged homes sell up to 2 times as fast! What are you waiting for!?
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