“Comes in all sizes”

Entryways do happen to come in all sizes; the entry way is an integral part of the first impression of the home.

Your customer will walk in, look, and check out the room and begin to make their judgment of your house!  I have seen homes in which the entryway had enough to put in a Christmas tree with all the decorations and lights!  WOW! Now, not all entries are that large, making sure the entries have adequate lighting, fresh paint; even small entries need to be bright and cheery.

At Designed to Move (in or out), our “Virtual Design Boards” will show your potential buyer what the entryway would look like with character: bench seating for removing muddy boots, complimenting artwork for the walls, chandeliers to add the perfect lighting, and much more, all your buyers will be able to see what the rest of your home could look like furnished!

To learn more about Virtual Staging please visit us at http://www.athomevirtuallystaged.com !

About athomevirtuallystaged

Ceo Of Designed to Move (in or out) and athomevirtuallystaged.com ! We help people and companies sell and rent out vacant listings without waiting on the market to sway! We use virtual staging to make this happen! “Virtual Staging” is digitally turning a vacant house into a warm, comfortable home. We give potential home-buyers a glimpse of what their home would look like, once they’re comfortably settled in. Why does this work? When a customer looks at a home, being able to see what a house has to offer is important, but actually envisioning themselves IN the home is a crucial point in the decision making process. We make that step effortless, making your potential customers more comfortable with the actual purchase of the home. Virtually staged homes are proven to sell 18% more than those that are not. Additionally, on average, virtually staged homes sell up to 2 times as fast! What are you waiting for!?
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